Notice to Parents is developed by HealthTeacher, Inc. It is an online resource of health education tools including lessons, interactive presentations and additional resources to integrate health into any grade K-12 curriculum.  
Beginning in school year 2017-18, Wai`anae High School will use the DOE-approved 'Family Health and Sexuality' module in its Health curriculum.'s K-5 products also work in tandem with two important sets of education standards: the National Health Education Standards (NHES) and the Common Core State Standards adopted by the Board of Education.  
Please call 697-9400 to make an appointment to view the curriculum in the school office.  Parents have the right to opt out of this module. 
Students who do not receive this module will receive a different curriculum in a different location that focuses on healthy life choices and which will not include any sexual health information.  The grades for students who opt out will not be negatively affected.