Wai’anae High

COVID-19 Updates

3/13/2020 COVID-19 Update

There are many issues and challenges that the State of Hawaii is facing due to the current COVID​-19 health situation.  ​ DOE and DOH are working together to provide​ guidelines for schools to follow in planning for the levels of emergency that we may face in the event of increasing cases in Hawaii.  

As of today, the DOH continues to report that Hawaii has only 2 confirmed cases which are directly linked to contact outside of Hawaii and ​7 cases that are being investigated.  Although we only know of these cases, there could be more. DOH is investigating whether there is community transmission and then the Governor and DOE will make decisions about how to best handle this situation.

In case a decision to shut down school is made, we are working on a plan to minimize the disruption this will make to students' education.  If we offer online instruction and your student needs a laptop, we will have a process for students to sign them out for use at home.
While schools are open, we are making decisions about gatherings and field trips based on an analysis of the risk factors.  For example, how much contact with others is there and can we disinfect if needed to keep kids safe?  We will not take students to anything that is considered a large gathering of 100 or more.
Prom and Graduation have NOT been cancelled at this time.  However, we have no control over the developing situation and events may be cancelled with little notice.  
The OIA has made a decision to suspend spring sports competitions.  It will monitor the situation and reassess how to proceed as events unfold.  Practices will continue but parents who wish to exempt their child can contact AD Kaluhiokalani at 697-9400
Much of social media is just rumor.  Rumors cause panic and panic causes problems.  Remain calm.  Read the official notices below on a daily basis to find out what is happening and how to respond. 
Here are links to official information:  
Call 211 for more information.
Continue to follow best practices:
  1. Avoid contact with sick people.
  2. Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  3. Do not touch your face unless you wash your hands.
  4. Keep a distance of 3 feet from people and avoid crowds.
We are in weekly conversations with CAS Mahi and the State to ensure consistency in our decision making and clarity on directions for operations as we move forward in the next few months.  There are school plans being developed to address the issues of student and employee extended absences, continued educational support for students, communication plans to parents, students, and employees via school websites and social media with links to the Hawaii DOE sites for resource information. 
We will get through this together!