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Standards-Based Grading

Standards-Based Grading


How is SBG different from Point-based Grading?


  • Points:  Grades are based on points earned or the percentage of correct answers.  This meant that turning in lots of work resulted in lots of points that could be earned.  It did not always mean that the student mastered all of the standards. It also means that not turning in an assignment results in zero points and this can drastically pull down a grade even if the student has mastered the content or skill.
  • SBG: The same amount of work will be asked of students, but it will be clustered in about 5-8 different standards. At a minimum, students are expected to master all of the most important standards.

Standards-Based Grading

Assignments are graded on mastery of the standards

Score of 4= Advanced

Able to do all the simple and complex parts of the standard(s), plus able to make higher level connections or apply the concept independently

Score of 3 = Proficient

Able to do all the simple and complex parts of the standard(s) or concepts

Score of 2 = Approaching

Partial understanding of the standard(s) or concept and able to do simpler parts

Score of 1 = Well-below

Having trouble with the simpler parts of the standard(s).

What would cause my child to get an F?

There are only two ways to get an F for a course.  One is to be absent frequently and to refuse to do the work or the assessments that let us assess the level of mastery.  The other way is if the student really is not learning the standards for whatever reason-- it could be not having a strong enough foundation or not having certain skills.  We will try to provide tutoring and other support, so that if your child cooperates and works hard he will be able to show he learned it.

What if my child is missing assignments?

When students miss an assignment the teacher is unable to determine where his or her level of mastery is on the standard or skill being assessed. ALL graded assignments must be completed within a week of the end of the unit of study. If you know that your child missed an assignment, you or your student can:

(1) Contact your child’s teacher or counselor

(2) Make arrangements with the teacher to come in and make up/redo the assignment

(3) Call a Parent-Teacher-Counselor meeting to discuss concerns and make a plan

How does Standards-Based Grading help my child to succeed in school?

It is important that parents and teachers have honest conversations with students regarding their grades. Some concepts and skills are more difficult to grasp than others, but given instruction, tutoring, and consistent attendance, students can continually challenge themselves as they work towards meeting the standards. Attitudes are contagious and it is important that adults convey to their child that learning is a process. Communication and tracking your child’s progress towards meeting the standards will help identify student needs we can work to address as well as identify strengths that can help your child succeed.